Do you allow for submissions of tutorials?
Sorry but we do not allow outside submissions to our Tutorials.  However, if you have an idea for a Tutorial we welcome your suggestions.

Do you make your Tutorials available in a single page instead of on multiple pages?
Unfortunately, we do not.

Can we copy your Tutorials and reprint these?
Sorry, but no, at least not without our permission.  And in most cases we do not provide permission.  However, information contained in many of our online Tutorials are available in our KnowThis: Marketing Basics book.  The book is very affordable and may even cost less than trying to copy the online Tutorials!


Weblinks Collection

How can I get my site listed on KnowThis.com?
In most cases, sites found within KnowThis.com Weblinks Collection are selectively chosen and are limited to sites that hold value to our visitors. We locate sites using many methods include Internet searching, discussion group comments, news or media reports, word-of-mouth, to name a few.

So there is no way for me to submit my site?
A few times a year KnowThis.com provides opportunities for sites to be submitted for review. Generally this is only for a short period of time (e.g., 5-7 days). There is no set timetable for when this will occur (though we will announce in advance) so the best advice is to return to KnowThis.com on a regular basis.

What do you look for when including a site in KnowThis.com?
There is no single best way to be included in KnowThis.com. If we do evaluate your site it is very important that your site offer value. Value is measured in many ways including:

  • does the site offer quality information
  • is the site current, well-designed and well-maintained
  • the quality and quantity of free information or materials available
  • what requirements are placed on visitors using the site
  • does the site hold value that is beyond other sites already found in KnowThis.com

Does KnowThis.com allow for link exchange arrangements?
No, this is not an option. When we list a site in KnowThis.com we do not require a reciprocal link. However, we certainly appreciate those who do provide a link to KnowThis.com on their site.


Advertising on KnowThis.com

Can I advertise on KnowThis.com?
Yes.  Please see Advertising on KnowThis.com for details.



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